Bauchi to Vaccinate Girls Against STIs

by John Ojewale
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Bauchi to Vaccinate Girls Against STIs

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme for girls in Bauchi State started on Saturday. It intends to target girls between nine and fourteen, as HPV is the most frequent sexually transmitted illness.

As a result, the Bauchi Primary Health Care Development Agency (BASPHCDA) established a Technical Working Group (TWG) to devise activities to assist the movement.

Members of the TWG include medical professionals, religious and traditional leaders, civil society groups, and development partners.

Dr Rilwanu Mohammed said that 16 states, including Bauchi, had been chosen nationwide for the first round of immunization. Dr Rilwanu Mohammed is the Executive Secretary of BASPHCDA.

He stated –

“The overall purpose of the TWG will focus on coordination, introduction, and decision-making for the smooth introduction of the vaccine.

“The group will be responsible for mapping all relevant HPV stakeholders, monitoring and tracking the readiness of the board and tracking funding for the rollout of the vaccine.”

Dr Jibreel Mohammed, Director of Planning, Research, and Statistics at the organization, stated in his presentation that the vaccine was developed to prevent women against cervical cancer.

He stated that the HPV vaccination would be included in standard immunization beginning in 2024.

Mohammed expressed concern about the frequency of cancer among women. He also emphasised the concordance of working together to lessen the burden by emphasizing young girls for vaccination.

He went on to say that the campaign would be brought to schools. Furthermore, the campaign would recipients could easily access it.

Mr Jinjiri Garba, Chairman of the Bauchi Network of Civil Society Organisations, assured the audience of the network’s commitment to making the immunization project successful.


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