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Study: Alcoholic-Herbal Beverages Can Cause Liver, Kidney Damage

by John Ojewale
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Alcoholic herbal drinks have a long history in Nigeria and are used medicinally by many people. However, in recent years, its production and consumption have skyrocketed. A study by Health experts believe this development could pose significant

health risks and importune for greater regulation and awareness about the dangers of consuming them.

Such herbal drinks served as remedies for various health conditions until recently. However, they are now becoming a growing menace in Nigeria, with many people, especially those living in the suburbs, consuming them without understanding the inherent dangers. Marketers often present these drinks as natural and safe, even though they ferment herbs, roots, and other natural ingredients with alcohol and sell them in unregulated markets. They are not subject to the same safety standards as commercial alcoholic beverages.

One of the many concerns about alcoholic herbal drinks is their potential to contain toxic ingredients.

The study by Researchers:

However, a recently conducted study by researchers from the University of Ibadan, Oyo-State, titled “Nigerian Psychoactive Alcoholic Herbal Mixture Impacts, Behavioural Performance and Caused Brain Biochemical and Histopathological Alterations in Mice” found that alcohol herbal mixture caused neurobehavioral and biochemical perturbations in mice.

The results showed an enhanced reduction in locomotor activity and impaired motor coordination in mice following acute and sub-acute administrations of an alcoholic herbal mixture combined with ethanol. The study further provided evidence of behavioural perturbations such as anxiety, poor working memory, and brain biochemical changes, including increased oxidative stress biomarkers.

According to the study, this implies that consuming an alcoholic herbal mixture might produce substance-attributable harm and quicken neurodegenerative diseases in humans.

Some herbal drinks contain high levels of methanol – a toxic alcohol that can cause blindness and death, interact with medications, or exacerbate pre-existing health conditions.

The Nigerian government has taken steps to address the problem of alcoholic herbal drinks, including banning the production and sale of certain brands. However, enforcement of these bans is often lax, and many people continue to produce and sell them illegally.



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