Terry G and 2Face Idibia Weigh In On Burnaboy’s Ascendancy

by Adeola Adeyeye
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The Nigerian music scene is once again abuzz with discussions sparked by controversial statements from industry veterans Terry G and 2Face Idibia.

Terry G’s assertion that Burnaboy surpasses Wizkid and Davido in stature ignited a firestorm of debate, further fueled by 2Face Idibia’s apparent agreement.

While Terry G’s statement stirred the pot, 2Face Idibia’s endorsement carries significant weight, considering his illustrious three-decade career in the music industry. Known for timeless hits like ‘African Queen,’ ‘Olé,’ and ‘Originality,’ 2Face Idibia’s influence resonates deeply within Nigeria’s musical landscape.

Transitioning from his ‘Plantashun Boys’ days to a successful solo career, 2Face Idibia remains a revered figure, despite stepping back from active music production. His occasional returns to the studio still garner attention, a testament to his enduring relevance.

As 2Face Idibia gradually embraces a more retired lifestyle, he explores diverse interests beyond music. Notably, he has become involved in wildlife conservation efforts, leveraging his platform to advocate for environmental protection. Additionally, fans catch glimpses of his personal life through the reality series ‘Young, Rich, and African,’ where he shares the spotlight with his wife.

Speculation arises from 2Face Idibia’s recent comments, hinting at a “rich and spoilt” artist he referred to. Given the context, fans wonder if his remarks allude to Wizkid and Davido, two prominent figures known for their lavish lifestyles in addition to their musical prowess.

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