Terry G Confesses to Extramarital Affairs, Sparks Controversy,”Every Man Cheats”

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian singer and rapper, Gabriel Othe Amanyi better known by his stage name, Terry G has admitted to being involved in extramarital affairs.

In an interview with Nedu on The Honest Bunch podcast, he confessed that despite having a babymama, whom he loves and respects like his wife, he still cheats. He went on to generalize it, stating that every man cheats.

I have a babymama, I respect her as if I am married to her but I still wipe outside. Everybody does. I am not a Gospel musician”.

His statement no doubt stirred reactions online as many faulted him for generalizing cheating. In a previous interview, Terry G spilled some surprising details about the type of songs he sings and the significance they hold.

He boldly expressed that he was a secular musician and that when he sings, he sings for the devil. He also gave reasons why he said what he said.

He stated that when most Afrobeat artists sing secular songs, as long as it is not glorifying God, then that means it is glorifying the devil.

Early this year, Terry G had called out his colleagues for shunning him. He expressed sadness over how all his efforts to reach out to some of his colleagues during his tough times had proved abortive, as no one responded to him.

He questioned if it was fair the way they were treating him as he told them to remember when they once came to help for help and he answered them. Terry G further questioned if it was when he was dead before they would organize remembrance for him.

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