Terry G Declares Marriage Isn’t for Him, Cites Reasons Amidst Extramarital Affairs Admission

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Renowned Nigerian singer and rapper Gabriel Othe Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G, has made headlines after candidly expressing that marriage isn’t suited for him, citing reasons that reflect his views on relationships and the music industry.

In a recent interview on media personality Nedu’s podcast, “The Honest Bunch,” Terry G opened up about his stance on marriage, emphasizing that it would hinder his interactions with female fans, whom he regards as essential to his musical inspiration and energy.

According to Terry G, females are integral to the music scene, providing the “juice” that fuels creativity. He believes that without their presence, life becomes mundane and uninspiring for artists like himself. Moreover, he highlighted societal perceptions in Nigeria, where marriage is often equated with being “out of the market,” implying a diminished status.

Terry G’s remarks come amidst revelations about his personal life, including his admission of involvement in extramarital affairs despite having a babymama whom he deeply cares for. He asserted that infidelity is common among men, suggesting it as a generalized behavior.

This isn’t the first time Terry G has stirred controversy with his statements. In a previous interview, he boldly declared his affiliation with secular music and acknowledged singing for what he termed as the “devil.” He defended his stance by asserting that songs not glorifying God are inherently aligned with the devil.

Earlier this year, Terry G expressed disappointment over being shunned by his colleagues during challenging times. He lamented the lack of response to his outreach efforts and questioned the fairness of their treatment, highlighting instances where he had assisted them in the past.

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