The Importance of ‘NO’ in Child Care

by Frederick Akinola
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It is easy to indulge our children when they don’t take No for an answer. This can because we love our kids and don’t like to see them sad we could fall for the trap of spoiling them. First of all, you need to understand some factors about saying No.

Saying No is not cruel

Some parents would disagree, perhaps saying that you should reason with your kid, explain yourself, or even negotiate. They believe that saying No will make your little one resentful. It will disappoint your child.  But it teaches him a vital lesson, that in the real world, there are limits by which people must abide. By giving in, on the other hand, you weaken your authority and teach your child to manipulate you by whining every time he wants something.

Saying No Prepares a Child for Adolescence and Adulthood

It teaches him the benefits of self-denial. A child who learns that valuable lesson is less likely to give in during adolescence when he faces peer pressure. Your saying no also trains a child for adulthood, letting him know that the world will not always give them what they want.

What Can You Do?
Focus on your Goal.

You want your child to become a competent, emotionally mature, successful adult. But you work against that objective if you give him everything he asks for. Saying no, therefore, is part of effective discipline. Such training will help and not hurt him.

Be Decisive

You need to remember that your child is not your equal. So there is no need to debate your no as if you need him to approve it. Do not get entangled in endless disputes with younger children about why you said no. The more you dispute with your child, the more your no will sound like a question rather than a decision. Stick to your decision. Your child might test your resolve with whining or pleading, do not fall for that trap.

Remember that your saying ‘No’ is part of training your kids and will make them stronger and prepared for the future.


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