The Role Music Plays in Our Everyday Life.

by Monsurat Momoh
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The role of music

The role music plays in our everyday life varies from person to person. Music comes in so many genres, voices and artists. It is very fascinating how one artiste, no matter the similarities can sound completely different from another. And I derive joy from being able to differentiate between singers.

The music space is so big that there are definitely artists you have never heard about, I assure you. If you think I’m being absurd, ask your friends about the type of music they listen to (non-Nigerian music) and you would realize that at least one person will mention an unknown artiste that may be famous.

A few years ago, I started learning French. My teachers told me to find the easiest ways to learn the language and add fun to it. So, I chose music and the lord knows I knew absolutely nothing about French artists. Imagine discovering a vast space with just French musicians, I was mind blown. Amazingly, I keep discovering more.

I use music for everything and because I am a lover of languages, I listen to songs in a lot of languages that I can not understand. But I’m sure you’ll agree with me that you do not necessarily need to understand the language to understand the concept of the song and feel the artiste’s emotion.

Just like every concept in life, the role music plays will vary from individual to individual. To me, it soothes me. I create playlists to help me live through my day. Just like every other person, I have songs for whichever mood I may feel. And that’s what makes music great.

Having a bad day? Having a good day! Want to celebrate? Want to mourn? As important as children’s education is, music plays a role in that too. With learning numbers and the alphabet.

How grand is the role that music plays in our everyday life to you?

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