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Things To Consider Before Renting An Apartment In Nigeria.

by Frederick Akinola
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So you’ve decided to move out of your parent’s house but now you need a place. Getting a suitable apartment in Nigeria is not as easy as it sounds. It is a tiring task. Agents will show you houses and some of them will look really great and affordable. But you need to be smart. If not, you might make a regrettable decision.  Let’s see three things to consider before renting an apartment in Nigeria.


Some areas are safer than others. You need to ask questions about security before you decide to rent an apartment anywhere, put a number of things into consideration. First, when do you get home from work? If you get home at night, how’s the street at night? Is it safe? Does it have streetlights? Since you would be shown the house during the day, you need to ask these questions. Don’t ask the agent to show you the house. He’ll tell you what you want to hear just to get you to pay for the place so he gets his commission.


Nigeria our country does not have a 24-hour power supply. It’s a shame, yes we know. You can’t shame the shameless. So if you’re about to get a place. Find out about the power situation. How often is there power? Does the transformer explode anyhow? How often is the power full current? Can the current go overboard and blow your charger, and spoil your appliances? Is there a meter in your apartment? Or does the electricity distribution company calculate in their brain like a corrupt electoral commission and present whatever figures they like to you as your bill? You need to ask all these questions.


In states like Lagos, this is very important. In fact, even in other less populous states, there are areas with terrible traffic congestion. You don’t want to get queried at work because you’re living in a traffic-congested area. Neither do you want your children(if you have any) to go to school late. It will stress you out, going through traffic every morning and evening. So try to ask questions and study the area before getting an apartment.


Be honest with yourself. Can you afford that house you’re about to pay for? Yes, it looks good. It has running water, it’s in a good neighbourhood. But can you afford it? You don’t want to use 75% of your income to pay for accommodation. That wouldn’t be fair. Cut your coat according to your cloth.

Other things to consider among others include;

  1. Flooding: Some areas flood during the rainy season. This can be frustrating. So try to do your homework before renting an apartment.
  2. Sanitation: You don’t want to stay in an unsanitary neighbourhood, as this can have an effect on your health.
  3. Proximity to school for your children or/ and work for yourself.

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