Things You CAN DO To Survive Nigeria’s Cash Crunch.

by Frederick Akinola
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A cashless transaction - surviving Cash problems

With the introduction of the Central Bank’s cashless policy and the whole new naira brouhaha, Nigerians have suffered tremendously.  Indeed 2023 indeed is a year of great occurrences. There is hardly any cash in circulation, and carrying out cashless transactions have been tough. Here are things you must do to survive these days:

Never Use Cash Unless You Can’t Help It

You shouldn’t be told this. There is seemingly no cash in circulation. Therefore, when you manage to get your hands on something, value it like it means your life. Try to go to places where you don’t need to spend physical cash. For example, if possible, buy at a station that allows the use of a debit card, and shop at a mall. You could only use your cash for transportation or to buy vegetables in the market.

Move Around With Your ATM

In some situations, you may not be able to make transfers, you will need to use your Debit card. With a POS machine, transactions can be smooth, even when your bank has issues with transfers. Try to make purchases at shops close to your house. That way, there might be a level of trust between you and the vendor. But if you must go far, make sure you have your card with you.

Palmpay and Opay: Lifesavers

For some reason, the cash crunch came alongside widespread dysfunction of all the commercial banks, so that transfers are delayed, and sometimes even impossible. So to avoid delay in transfers you should try to use Mobile Money Operators. These guys have proven to be the goat of transactions. Everything happens seamlessly. PalmPay is a Mobile Money Operator licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Their certified fraud and security systems always keep your money and data protected. 98% of transactions carried out on the PalmPay app are successful within 60 seconds, and the majority of failed transactions are reversed immediately. For the rest, there’s the PalmPay Performance Guarantee.
Just like PalmPay, Opay is great.  They have no hitches unless there are network issues from the bank you’re sending money. OPay is a one-stop mobile-based platform for payments, transfers, loans, savings and other essential services for every individual.

As we await when things will get back to normal, we have to manage. Try to perform more cashless transactions, and see, who knows, we might just get used to it.


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