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Tony Elumelu Faces Criticism for Househelp Treatment

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian billionaire businessman, Tony Elumelu, has come under heavy criticism from a social media user for his treatment of his househelp.

The backlash followed a video the billionaire shared, celebrating Super Eagles player Moses Simon with his family. The Twitter user, identified as Vickey DSniper, slammed Tony Elumelu for leaving out his househelp from the celebration video, emphasizing the importance of including houseworkers in daily activities. She argued that these employees are part of one’s family, urging employers to treat them right.

In her note to the billionaire, Vickey DSniper questioned why the househelp was excluded from the family’s celebration, particularly when everyone wore Nigerian jerseys. She pointed out that making the househelp feel different and left out was wrong. The criticism sparked a conversation on social media about the treatment of domestic workers and the need for inclusivity.

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