Tunde Ednut and Cubana Chief Priest Rejoice as Very Dark Man is Released, Sparking Controversy

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian blogger Tunde Ednut has taken to social media to express his joy following the release of his friend, Very Dark Man, from detention.

In an Instagram post, Tunde welcomed Very Dark Man back while hinting at the influential figures who played a role in his release.

Cubana Chief Priest also joined in the celebration, drawing parallels between Very Dark Man’s release and the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Day. He likened Very Dark Man’s emergence from detention to a symbolic rebirth, echoing sentiments of triumph and resilience.

However, the circumstances surrounding Very Dark Man’s arrest and subsequent release have been mired in controversy.  Very Dark Man’s detention stemmed from accusations of cyberbullying and threats to life, allegedly instigated by actress Tonto Dikeh in response to his unfounded claims about her involvement with the GistLover blog.

Despite expectations of a brief detention period, Very Dark Man reportedly spent extra days in custody due to onerous bail conditions and perceived influence behind his arrest. Tunde Ednut had previously suggested that Very Dark Man’s popularity would soar upon his release, echoing a trend observed with previous high-profile detentions in Nigeria.

However, not everyone shares in the celebration, with actress Nkechi criticizing the focus on popularity over tangible impact. Questioning the relevance of Very Dark Man’s newfound fame to societal issues like rising prices, Nkechi condemned the tendency to prioritize personal gain over meaningful change.

While some celebrate his return, others question the significance of his newfound popularity in addressing pressing societal challenges.

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