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Uche Ogbodo Hits Back at Age Trolls, Defends Her Authenticity Amid Scrutiny

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has fired back at age trolls with unwavering confidence, refusing to bow to skepticism about her authenticity.

Following a confrontation with a troll who doubted her age, Ogbodo initially shared her passport bio-data as proof of being 38 years old. However, she later deleted the post, yielding to the wishes of her husband and senior colleagues.

Taking to Instagram, Ogbodo addressed the controversy, asserting her blessings and hard work as reasons for her success. She dismissed critics with a defiant attitude, declaring,

So if e pain you, Go hug transformer or drown, who gives a fuck.”

Refusing to be weighed down by negativity, Ogbodo emphasized her resilience and determination to succeed on her own terms.

Her response echoes similar sentiments expressed by fellow celebrities who have faced scrutiny over their ages. In February, actress Nkechi Blessing confronted accusations of reducing her age, admonishing critics for their stagnancy and defending her authenticity. Likewise, actress Caroline Danjuma faced online backlash after claiming to be turning 35, dismissing detractors as unintelligent and reaffirming her age.

The issue of age authenticity extends beyond actresses to reality TV stars like Mercy Eke, winner of Big Brother Naija. Eke faced scrutiny over her age after posting her voter’s card in preparation for the Nigerian general elections. Despite the controversy, she and her sister, Sweery Eke, remained unbothered, confidently asserting her accomplishments and refusing to let age define her success.

In the face of skepticism and criticism, Uche Ogbodo joins a chorus of resilient women in the Nigerian entertainment industry who refuse to be defined by societal expectations or age-related scrutiny.

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