Uriel Oputa Speaks on VeryDarkman’s Transformation and Advises Women

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Reality TV star, Uriel Oputa, recently commented on the transformation of VeryDarkman and shared advice for women regarding men’s appearances. VeryDarkman, known for his characteristic singlet and rubber slippers attire, changed into a white shirt and black jeans at an event in Jos, drawing compliments from many.

In response, Uriel Oputa addressed the shift in perception and urged women not to dismiss a man simply based on his appearance in rubber shoes and a singlet. She shared her own experience of facing criticism for going live with VeryDarkman, emphasizing that people should recognize the humanity in others.

While Uriel clarified that she is not interested in dating VeryDarkman, she stressed the importance of seeing beyond a man’s immediate situation and respecting him in all circumstances. She expressed happiness for VeryDarkman’s positive transformation and highlighted the need for individuals not to look down on anyone.

The social commentary and advice resonate with the idea of valuing people for who they are rather than judging them based on superficial aspects.

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