Very Dark Man Extends Birthday Wishes to Cubana Chiefpriest

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Popular social media commentator and self-proclaimed activist, Very Dark Man, surprised many of his followers when he took to Instagram to celebrate Cubana Chiefpriest on his birthday.

Known for his often controversial and oppositional stance, Very Dark Man’s birthday tribute to Cubana Chiefpriest came as a pleasant surprise to many.

In his Instagram post, Very Dark Man expressed his well wishes for Cubana Chiefpriest, acknowledging his generosity and positive attitude towards others. He wrote,

As you always say money na water, na so money go continue be water for you, your cup will never run dry. You always wish others well so this prayer go easily work, happy birthday @cubana_chiefpriest capppaaaaachinoo.”

The unexpected gesture of celebrating Cubana Chiefpriest’s birthday hints at a possible positive relationship between the two, despite their differing stances on various issues. Cubana Chiefpriest’s previous support and advocacy for Very Dark Man during his time in prison may have contributed to this show of goodwill.

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