Very Dark Man Reignites Feud with Bobrisky

by Adeola Adeyeye
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The longstanding feud between Nigerian activist Very Dark Man and controversial cross-dresser Bobrisky has resurfaced once again, with Very Dark Man intensifying his attacks on his rival in a recent social media post.

Referencing his earlier threat to dress as a woman if the Nigerian Police Force failed to arrest Bobrisky, Very Dark Man doubled down on his provocative stance by adopting a new persona and moniker, referring to himself as a “tr********r” and encouraging netizens to address him as the “mummy of Abuja.”

This deliberate invocation of Bobrisky’s self-proclaimed title as the “mummy of Lagos” serves as a thinly veiled jab at his cross-dressing rival, Bobrisky.

The rift between Very Dark Man and Bobrisky predates Very Dark Man’s imprisonment, stemming from allegations of Bobrisky’s purported relationships with influential individuals and Very Dark Man’s outspoken criticism of his activities. Despite apologies and attempts at reconciliation, the feud has persisted, with both parties engaging in public spats and social media taunts.

Bobrisky’s silence on the matter since Very Dark Man’s release from prison has not deterred the activist from reigniting the controversy, prompting speculation about a potential response from Bobrisky. Given their history of heated exchanges and mutual disdain, observers anticipate further drama and verbal sparring between the two adversaries.

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