Very Dark Man Returns, Allegations Against Bobrisky Spark Controversy

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Following his release from prison, Nigerian activist Very Dark Man has resurfaced with explosive allegations, targeting celebrities Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky, and reigniting debates on social issues.

Addressing rumoirs surrounding his arrest, Very Dark Man dispelled speculations linking Tonto Dikeh to his incarceration, cryptically withholding the identity of the alleged instigator. Instead, he shifted focus to Bobrisky, leveling accusations against the controversial cross-dresser.

Very Dark Man reiterated claims of Bobrisky’s alleged involvement with a figure in power, insinuating preferential treatment despite his unconventional lifestyle. Drawing attention to old videos, Very Dark Man highlighted instances of what he deemed inappropriate behavior by Bobrisky, including suggestive interactions with men.

In one video, Bobrisky flirtatiously responded to inquiries about his presence in a bathroom, while another depicted him in a bathtub alongside another man during a product promotion. Very Dark Man criticized these actions, arguing that they should be subject to regulatory scrutiny and potential bans by government authorities responsible for advertising approvals.

Expressing dissatisfaction with perceived inaction by law enforcement, Very Dark Man issued an ultimatum, threatening to take drastic measures if Bobrisky is not arrested within a week. He outlined plans to impersonate a woman and enter female-only spaces, vowing to challenge societal norms and advocate against cross-dressing.

Furthermore, Very Dark Man extended an apology to conservative Muslim women (‘hajiyas’), pledging to include them in his campaign against cross-dressing. Despite acknowledging potential legal repercussions, he remained steadfast in his commitment to combatting what he views as harmful influences on Nigerian society.

Very Dark Man’s outspoken stance against cross-dressing stems from his desire to protect future generations from what he perceives as detrimental cultural influences. He expressed concern over the impact of public figures openly embracing cross-dressing on impressionable youth, vowing to continue his activism regardless of personal risk.

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