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Very Dark Man Takes a Stand, From Detention Revelation to Targeting Bobrisky

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Very Dark Man has been making headlines lately due to a shocking revelation he made about his arrest in March. In a series of Instagram posts dedicated to his naysayers, Very Dark Man addressed the situation with confidence and determination.

In his first post, he declared that if his detractors couldn’t defeat him, they would eventually have to join him, as he had no intention of conforming to their standards.

The second post revealed more details about his recent detention, stating that being held for 10 days was a minor inconvenience. He emphasized that the only way his critics could prevail against him was if they had clean hands themselves. Despite admitting to past indiscretions, Very Dark Man expressed his commitment to a better Nigeria and indicated his willingness to make sacrifices for positive change.

Very Dark Man’s past has been subject to scrutiny, particularly during his public feud with Bobrisky, who released old videos allegedly depicting Very Dark Man engaging in homosexual activities. However, Very Dark Man has remained unapologetic about his past and maintains an open-minded stance on issues such as sexual orientation.

In his pursuit of justice against Bobrisky, Very Dark Man has cited concerns about the influence of such content on Nigerian youth, expressing a desire to protect his children from exposure to certain lifestyles online. Despite facing criticism and challenges, Very Dark Man continues to advocate for societal change and moral values.

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