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Veteran Yoruba Actor Lubulubu Clashes with Junior Colleague Ayinla 

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A clash has erupted between veteran Yoruba actor Otunba Omo Ajibike, known as Lubulubu, and his junior colleague Ayinla, sparking discussions on respect within the industry.

Lubulubu took to Instagram to express his frustration after attempting to mediate a conflict between Ayinla and a friend, only to feel disrespected by Ayinla’s response.

Lubulubu claimed Ayinla privately messaged him, asserting his seniority, which led him to question the apparent lack of respect in the industry. He emphasized his seniority both in age and in industry experience, warning Ayinla not to let his status as a cleric cloud his judgment.

I wanted to play peacemaker between you and your friend, and you’re now privately chatting him, telling me you senior me. Is anything wrong with you? Is there no respect in the industry anymore? Should we even talk about age or who is older in the industry? Don’t think because you are now an Alfa, you can do anything. Don’t cross my path, or you will regret it. You know the kind of person that I am. Let your head be correct. This is my last warning. Let me just be quiet, Sha.”

In response, Ayinla denied private messaging Lubulubu and claimed that the veteran actor was the one who initiated contact. Ayinla acknowledged Lubulubu as his senior but argued that the age difference was not significant.

Baba, I didn’t cross your path nor did I private chat you. You were the one who chatted me, and I replied respectfully. If I call you my elder brother, Baba we are in the same age group. How old are you? I accept that you are my boss and you’re older than me, but the years you use to senior me isn’t long. Don’t say that again.”

The dispute between the two actors has sparked mixed reactions among fans, with some supporting Lubulubu’s stance on respect and others sympathizing with Ayinla’s perspective.

This incident is not isolated, as similar conflicts have arisen in the Yoruba film industry. In 2022, veteran actresses Fausat Balogun and Fali Werepe clashed at Yinka Quadri’s 63rd birthday party over seniority. More recently, actress Motilola Akinlami called out senior colleague Kunle Afod and his wife, Desola Afod, accusing them of sabotaging her career.

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