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Why Everyone Should Participate In Elections (2).

by Frederick Akinola
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Elections are an opportunity for citizens to decide those who govern them. In the first part of this article, we analysed some reasons why everyone eligible to vote should endeavour to participate in elections. It prevents a few from making such an important decision for the majority.  It also helps to reduce the chance of election rigging and gives you the satisfaction you’ve exercised your civic duty.

Your Vote Could be the Decider.

If you ever think that just one vote in a sea of millions cannot make much of a difference, consider past elections that have been very close, and how a few votes could have made a difference.  In Nigeria, your vote could determine if a candidate has 25 percent in a state and if he has 25 percent in two-thirds of the states in the federation. Your vote could decide if a party has the majority in the House Assembly, ultimately deciding the Speaker or Senate president.

There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter- Barack Obama

Your Only Opportunity to Make a Major National Decision.

You only have the right to hold the government accountable when you participate in elections. When you exercise your right as a citizen of a country by voting, you’ve taken part in democracy. That’s the first step in holding the government accountable. It’s your opportunity to make a decision for your country.

Helps to Keep the Government Officials on Their Toes.

They know that if they don’t perform well, the electorate will vote them out of office. But when very few participate, they could be lackadaisical, knowing they can easily manipulate elections in their favour.

It Is Safer to Come out En Masse.

There is usually insecurity during elections. Voter intimidation in areas where the opposition is strong is a norm, and ballot snatching and many other things scuttle elections. Therefore, people coming out to vote in large numbers can scare off predators on Election day.

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