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Yul Edochie Surprises Judy Austin on Movie Set

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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie and his second wife, Judy Austin, have once again captured the internet’s attention with their latest romantic gesture.

The Nollywood couple has gotten many talking after Yul Edochie paid a surprise visit to his beloved wife on her movie set.

In videos circulating online, Judy Austin can be seen blushing as her husband surprises her at work. The lovebirds turned the movie set into a romantic haven, dancing to a love song playing from Yul’s car.

Comments from fans and observers quickly followed:

– Elvis Pound Staker:”Make we no lie, Yul is actually happy with this lady.”
– Vanni Bells Cosmetic: “Don’t get deceived; most times couples who overdo outside don’t even do this inside the house.”
– Okeoghene Ufuoma: “Yul is a finished man.”
– Steve Milla Moore: “Why do I feel that Yul’s next wife is in their midst there.”
– Rashydah:”They love themselves, let them carry on jare.”
– Igwe E4ma: “Gather here if you don’t like their marriage.”

The couple has faced public scrutiny, particularly on Father’s Day, when Judy Austin penned a heartfelt note to Yul amidst claims that he has abandoned his kids with his first wife, May Edochie. She described him as the strongest man she knows, noting how many fail to recognize what it means to be a great father. Despite the lack of appreciation, she praised Yul for persevering with a smile.

In May, Yul Edochie reaffirmed his love for Judy despite ongoing social media backlash. He shared a video of himself and Judy enjoying the trending ‘I don’t care’ song in their car, emphasizing that they care little about public opinion. Yul assured his followers that Judy would be his “forever ride,” expressing his commitment to spending countless lifetimes with her.

This latest display of affection on the movie set further cements their bond and continues to spark discussions among fans and critics alike.

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