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Everybody definitely wants to have a connection with people or somebody at least. The importance of friendships cannot be over emphasized in one’s life. One time or another, one would definitely need help and friends are the closest people, most of the time, to render such much needed help.

As much as everybody wants to build quality relationships with people, some people just don’t find it as easy as others. Maybe, they have certain insecurities or are just plain shy or get cold feet whenever the chance to meet people comes up. That in itself is not something to be so worried about as certain people are just built to be introverted and would naturally prefer to be by themselves most times. Whatever the reason is, if you have issues with making friends, here are 3 easy tips to make friends.

  1. BE SEEN.

Well, if you are the kind to spend one-too-many weekend afternoons alone in your apartment without the even a thought of going out, making friends would be pretty hard, don’t you think? Except your furniture talks (I’m sure they’ll be pretty good listeners at least. Lol!), the first step to making friends is to step out in to the world where people are. You can’t possibly make friends when you don’t actually meet people. Just simply making yourself available can make all the difference.

  1. SMILE   

You would agree that it would take a lot of second-guessing and courage to approach someone with a stern face or a frown. Exactly the same rule applies to you. Not a lot of people would push your name up their prospective friends list if you always look grumpy or always lacking a smile. The goal is to make yourself look like the pleasant, interesting person that you are and wearing a smile definitely puts the icing on the cake for that.


friends showing interest

Showing interest and making effort with both words and actions are a foundation for every relationship. Friendship definitely cannot be formed with series of one-word answers or nods of head or meaningless smiles and ‘thank you’s to every remark. The best way to push that acquaintance up the ladder to a friend, is by showing interest. Showing interest can be as simple as asking questions; questions that help you know and understand the person in question better. That could be something really  as simple as a favorite restaurant or a hobby.


With all these in mind, do not forget that fact that you yourself are an amazing person and anybody would be lucky to be your friend. Goodluck!

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