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I remember moments from my childhood spanning from when my father pranked me with a watermelon making me kick it so hard with the thought that it was a ball, and hurting my feet in the process, or when I and my siblings would chase each other shooting watermelon seeds from our mouths (it did hurt a bit). Point is that water melons, apart from great taste and abundant health benefits, are a fun fruit. Here are five interesting things you can do with a watermelon.


The spherical shape of the watermelon makes it perfect for an edible fruit bowl (did I mention every part of the watermelon is edible?). Just cut it into two halves and then cut out the fleshy inside of the watermelon. Dice it up and put it back in the hollow space created with other fruits, then enjoy.


Drinking watermelon juice straight from the Watermelon definitely sounds like fun to me. And it’s very easy to make. All you need to do is cut open the top part of the watermelon, thoroughly mix the inside with a hand mixer and them drain the juice. Then you remove the pulp from the juice and pour the juice back in. Garnish with herbs and fruits of your choice.


Well, your little ones might not fancy eating slices of watermelon. Popsicles to the rescue, watermelon high water content makes it the perfect fruit to use for a popsicle. Mash it up with a bit of lemonade, milk, yogurt or other fruits you wish to combine (you can get really creative with this, the options are endless). Pour it into a Popsicle mold, freeze it and you’ve made an all-time kids’ favourite.


diced watermelon

The size and texture make watermelons just the fruit to express creativity. With just your regular cake cutters you can make variety of shapes from your watermelon to serve at parties or ceremonies, it makes them a whole lot more attractive. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat a heart shaped watermelon?


grilled watermelon

Steaks, though an all-time favourite, can be substituted for water melons. How fun would that be?! Grilling your water melons caramelizes the sugar on it, which gives it a whole new flavour. Just cut up your water melons into wedgies with the rind. Steaks of watermelon tend to fall apart on the grill when you try to turn it over with your tongs. You can get creative with the seasoning also. A bit of salt and brown sugar can be very amazing on your grilled watermelon. You can serve with Greek yogurt for dipping. Totally amazing!


It’s not hard to see why the watermelon is a favourite among people. So, there you have it. These are just a few of the endless options of what to do with a watermelon. I’m sure you could also cook up some nice ideas.

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