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The watermelon is a classic summer fruit, easily identified by its size, green outer colour and famous for its incredible taste. The water melon has many variations based on the different species; seeded, seed mini, yellow and orange. As much as we love the water melon for it’s sugary taste there are lots of other health benefits we could get from the watermelon whilst still enjoying it’s refreshing taste, which we would be exposed to in this article.


The watermelon is the go-to fruit for staying hydrated as it is made up of 90% water. So, worried about not drinking enough water? Watermelons got you. Just make sure to snack on watermelons and your body would get the hydration it so desperately needs.


It also contains a truckload of antioxidants. Antioxidants are simply substances that protect your body against disease-causing free radicals that could cause heart related issues and even cancer. Your body produces molecules of this free radicals during metabolism or when you inhale smoke or radiation. But no worries, watermelon will  provide your body with the much needed antioxidants to fight those free radicals.


The watermelon is also great for digestion, with its high fiber and water content, the watermelon helps for a healthy digestive system by preventing constipation and helping with a regular bowel movement.

sliced watermelon


Vitamin A and C are very important for healthy skin because they help to produce collagen, a protein that helps keeps the skin moisturized and supple. And guess where you can find them in good quantity?, you guessed right, watermelons!! Watermelons are also wonderful for creating and repairing damaged skin cells.


The watermelon contains a nice dose of citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that helps your body move blood around which helps to reduce blood pressure and prevent heart attacks. So yeah, watermelon helps relives your body of unecessary stress.


Eating watermelons would provide your eyes with the very much needed vitamin A it needs. Vitamin A is one of the very important keys to maintaining healthy eyes.


Are you on a weight loss journey? Or just need to lose calories?. Adding watermelons to your diet would help you do just that. Eating watermelons would give you that feeling of fullness because oSf it’s water and fiber content, thereby helping you avoid snacking on that your favourite snack with so many calories. So if you are on a weight loss path watermelon is the snack for you.

eating watermelon

So there’s no reason not to like watermelons!, Super taste, loads of health benefits. Adding watermelons to your diet would most definitely be a very wise thing to do. Let’s just say few slices of “watermelon” a day also keeps the doctors away!.


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