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Ali Baba Criticizes Man for Complaining About Wife Not Washing Clothes

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Comedian Ali Baba has reacted to a viral Facebook post by a Nigerian man named Chinedu, who expressed his frustration over his wife refusing to wash his clothes despite his busy schedule.

Chinedu’s post lamented his wife’s refusal to handle his laundry, which he considered a basic expectation given his demanding work life. Ali Baba responded by sharing Chinedu’s statement on Instagram with a pointed caption:

You would have kuku jejely bought washing and drying machine, then employed two house help. You never busy reach.” This remark underscores Ali Baba’s stance that a wife should not be viewed as a domestic servant.

Ali Baba’s post drew widespread attention, with many followers supporting his perspective and emphasizing the importance of sharing household responsibilities equitably.

In addition to his social media activity, Ali Baba has been in the public eye for other reasons recently. At the beginning of April, he showcased his fitness journey on Instagram, posting a video of himself shirtless and flexing his muscles. Despite being 58 years old, Ali Baba humorously claimed he is still in his 40s and aims to maintain a youthful appearance well into his 50s.

In early May, Ali Baba shared an important life lesson with his followers, advising against inheriting other people’s enemies as a misguided sign of loyalty. He stressed that only a fool would harm someone who has done no wrong just to please another.

Earlier in the year, Ali Baba offered marital advice, emphasizing the need for couples to be mindful of their words during arguments. He highlighted how angry remarks can cause lasting resentment, even if they are forgotten by the person who said them, and advised couples to control their speech to maintain a healthy relationship.

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