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Kevin Ikeduba Blasts Nollywood for Fake Love and Hypocrisy

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Nollywood actor Kevin Ikeduba has strongly criticized the Nollywood industry, accusing it of being riddled with fake love a

In a resurfaced clip, the actor denounced his colleagues for pretending to be who they are not and failing to show genuine support for one another.

Kevin Ikeduba’s outburst highlighted the deep-seated issues within the industry. Speaking in pidgin, he remarked,

Truth be told, I dey laugh any time wey I hear say social media na fake life. Una see social media…e dey learn for where Nollywood dey. Nollywood movie industry…na there wey the fakest life and fakest people dey.” He called out his peers for their insincerity and urged them to change their ways, emphasizing the absence of real love and support in the industry.

The clip’s resurfacing comes shortly after another controversy involving Yoruba actress Motilola Akinlami. Motilola openly accused her senior colleague, Kunle Afod, and his wife, Desola Afod, of sabotaging her career. In an emotional video, she detailed the harassment and false allegations she has faced due to Kunle Afod’s interference and pleaded with him to stop defaming her as she no longer wishes to maintain a relationship with him.

This isn’t an isolated incident of discord in Nollywood. A few weeks ago, Kiitan Bukola also called out an unnamed colleague for manipulating a movie producer against her. She criticized the colleague for hypocrisy and urged them to stop pretending and show their true feelings if they harbor dislike.

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