Asake Recounts Olamide’s Wise Advice to Dump Girlfriend and Invest in Family

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Asake, recently shared a remarkable story about his encounter with his mentor and label boss, Olamide, shedding light on the profound impact of their relationship.

Asake revealed how he enthusiastically shared news of his first big paycheck from music with his girlfriend, only to be met with disappointment when she deemed the sum of 2 million naira insufficient. Troubled by this reaction, Asake sought counsel from Olamide, who advised him to part ways with his girlfriend and instead, invest the money in his family by sending it to his mother.

Following Olamide’s advice, Asake entrusted the money to his mother, who utilized it wisely by opening a prosperous provision store. Grateful for Olamide’s guidance, Asake expressed relief that his mother no longer faced financial struggles, highlighting Olamide’s role not just as a label boss but also as a caring father figure.

In a separate development, Davido recently shared insights into his collaboration with Asake on his TIMELESS album, crediting Olamide for facilitating the connection.

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