Dayo Amusa Speaks Out Against Bobrisky’s Win for Best Dressed at Movie Premiere

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has voiced her dissatisfaction regarding the controversial win of famous Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, at the movie premiere of Eniola Ajao’s “Ajakaju” over the weekend.

Bobrisky’s unexpected win as the best-dressed individual at the event left many, including award-winning actress Toyin Abraham, in shock and disbelief.

In a video shared online, Dayo Amusa expressed her dismay at what she perceived as disrespect towards the female gender present at the premiere. She criticized the judges and organizers, asserting that it was wrong to name a crossdresser as the best-dressed female. Dayo suggested the creation of a separate category to appreciate crossdressers, emphasizing the need for fairness and inclusivity in such judgments.

Despite her strong stance, Dayo ended her video on a conciliatory note, clarifying that she harbors no ill will towards anyone but simply wanted to share her opinion.

Dayo Amusa’s remarks sparked a flurry of reactions in her comment section, with many expressing support for her viewpoint. Some questioned the credibility of the judging process, while others speculated that Bobrisky’s win could be a PR stunt to generate publicity for the movie.

Similarly, Toyin Abraham’s reaction to Bobrisky’s win was captured in circulating videos online. While initially surprised by the announcement, Toyin eventually accepted the decision, indicating her compliance with the organizers’ plan.

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