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Attention to Details

Important soft skills in Product Management

by Ibukunoluwa Ogundare
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You might be lucky a few times and write that mail error-free (even if you wrote it hastily). If you continually refuse to pay attention to details and focus, know it will play out negatively in others.  Attention to detail is the ability to focus on all areas of a project or task. But they go in expecting every detail to fall into place accordingly. This is not possible because anything that is not being built is deteriorating. There is no neutral ground to things. 

As a product manager, it is very important to pay attention to even the slightest detail in conversations with people and documentation

Attention to detail is a marketable soft skill that shows employers you’re dedicated to producing error-free, accurate work. Employers value people with strong attention to detail because they’re efficient and productive. They meet deadlines while turning in high-quality work.  Having great focus also saves you time going back and forth due to the lack of proper detailing. 

Being organized can help you pay more attention to detail as a product manager. Create a checklist that breaks down all small parts of the task or set up a structured time to review conversations in meeting with users, stakeholders, and the product team at large.  A product manager’s ability to organize is crucial to ensure nothing is forgotten and that they’re getting their job done promptly.

Diligence to review things multiple times will also help to pick up what you missed listening to the interview recording with users the first time. Though it can be tiring and frustrating. It always pays. Having attention to detail is really about the completeness of thought, thoroughness, and the quality bar you hold for your work, the work of your team, and the company.

Ultimately, a product manager that pays attention to details will always make good decisions and create better products. They also ensure business retention with customers.

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