Bobrisky Responds to Critics After Winning Best Dressed Female Award

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Netizens have been buzzing with disbelief following Bobrisky’s unexpected win for the Best Dressed Female category at the Ajakaju movie premiere.

While many shook their heads in dismay, Bobrisky took the opportunity to revel in his victory and even taunted those who doubted him.

Taking to Instagram, Bobrisky addressed his detractors, particularly targeting those within his “sisterhood” who opposed his win. With a defiant tone, he asserted his triumph and questioned the authenticity of those who criticized him.

Although Bobrisky’s post didn’t specify individuals, speculation arose that actress Dayo Amusa might have been one of his targets, given her previous expression of discontent regarding his win.

Interestingly, Toyin Abraham, the host of the movie premiere, also appeared surprised by Bobrisky’s win. As the controversy lingers, Bobrisky remains unapologetic, basking in the glow of his victory and challenging his critics to reconsider their stance.

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