Bovi Playfully Accuses Basketmouth of Oppressing Fellow Comedians in Viral Clip

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian comedian Bovi Ugboma has playfully taken a dig at his colleague and friend, Bright Okpocha, widely known as Basketmouth, accusing him of being “the most wicked comedian” who tends to oppress the careers of fellow comedians.

In a viral clip, Bovi, in a jesting manner, observed that Basketmouth has a penchant for bringing down the careers of others, describing him as a “man of peace with a spice of wickedness.” The remark was made in a humorous context, highlighting the camaraderie between the two comedians.

Bovi’s jesting accusation comes shortly after Basketmouth issued a public apology to his colleagues, including Ayo Makun and De Stalker. In a video posted on his Instagram page, Basketmouth apologized to AY for any actions or words that may have negatively affected him, urging everyone in the industry to strive for peace and harmony.

The backdrop of these exchanges is a long-standing feud between Ayo Makun and Basketmouth, rooted in an alleged debt of N30,000. AY had claimed that their dispute originated from Basketmouth’s refusal to pay the debt, leading to the removal of AY’s name from certain events. Basketmouth, however, contested the claims, asserting that he and AY were never friends.

In a related incident, comedian Destalker recounted a 2015 misunderstanding with Basketmouth, alleging that the renowned comedian sabotaged his shows and sought to undermine his career. Despite these tensions, the recent exchanges between Bovi and Basketmouth appear to be good-natured banter among colleagues.

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