Seun Kuti Opens Up on Career Crisis Following Viral Altercation with Nigerian Police

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Renowned musician Seun Kuti has recently revealed a tumultuous period in his life when his career faced significant threats after a viral altercation with the Nigerian police. The incident, initially sparked by an unfortunate encounter, escalated to the point where Seun Kuti found himself slapping a police officer in what he believed to be an act of self-defence.

Contrary to expectations, the public response took an unexpected turn as Netizens and Nigerians surprisingly defended the actions of the police officers involved in the altercation. This unexpected support created a challenging situation for Seun Kuti, leading to his arrest in his own home.

In a live video, Seun Kuti candidly shared the extent of the crisis he endured during this period, revealing that he came perilously close to losing his career over the incident.

Reactions from the public varied, reflecting the diverse perspectives on the matter. While some criticized Seun Kuti’s actions, others expressed sympathy, citing the prevalence of police brutality in the country. The incident brought to light the complex dynamics surrounding issues of self-defence and public perception, especially in a climate where police actions are often a contentious topic.

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