Bovi Ugboma Criticizes Nigerians in America and Canada Over Concert Ticket Requests

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian comedian Bovi Ugboma has sparked controversy on social media after criticizing Nigerians residing in America and Canada for requesting free tickets to his concerts.

Taking to his Instagram page, the comedian expressed his frustration with individuals sending him direct messages (DMs) begging for complimentary tickets. Mockingly questioning whether they had not yet found the greener pastures they sought or if they simply felt entitled, he referred to them as “foolish children.”

While some found humour in his remarks, others perceived them as offensive and criticized him for his choice of words.

One user, known as The Saucee, urged Bovi to consider being more diplomatic in his response, questioning whether the ticket seekers had insulted him in their requests.

Similarly, another user named Temmy Alesh humorously questioned why Bovi chose to publicly air their interactions.

However, there were those who defended Bovi’s stance, placing blame on those requesting free tickets for potentially souring his relationship with fans.

This incident comes shortly after Bovi made headlines for calling out his wife, Kris Asimoye, for allegedly deceiving him about her age prior to their marriage. The couple had previously garnered attention for renewing their wedding vows on water, officiated by mariners, and shared the video on social media.

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