Comedian AY Celebrates 15th Wedding Anniversary with Heartfelt Note

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian stand-up comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, has marked his 15th wedding anniversary with a heartfelt note dedicated to his wife, Mabel Makun.

The comedian shared a reflective post on Instagram, expressing gratitude for the 20 years of knowing each other and the 15 years of marital journey they’ve embarked on.

In his message, AY acknowledged the ups and downs, sweetness and bitterness, pains, and gains that have marked their journey together. He thanked God for the unconditional love and grace that has kept them standing through the years. AY also extended warm wishes for more love, strength, patience, tolerance, and happiness as they celebrate their 15th anniversary.

The post also mentioned that it has been 20 years since AY and Mabel first met, adding an extra layer of significance to their relationship milestone.

This celebration comes after the couple welcomed their second child, Ayomide, in 2022, marking a joyful addition to their family. AY expressed gratitude for the prayers of the last 13 years being answered with the arrival of their daughter.

AY and Mabel celebrated Ayomide’s dedication with a notable event, drawing attention on social media.

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