Ryan Taylor Opens Up on Why He Dumped DJ Cuppy and Ex-Girlfriends

by Adeola Adeyeye
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British boxer Ryan Taylor, the ex-fiance of Nigerian disc jockey DJ Cuppy, has taken to Instagram to share his perspective on his exes, including DJ Cuppy. In a post where he asked followers to share something new about his ex, one response indicated that one of his exes was learning to drift.

Ryan’s response to the revelation about his ex’s drifting skills took a humorous turn. He claimed that all his ex-girlfriends are “shit drivers,” which he cited as the reason for leaving them.

Which one. All my exes are shit drivers. It’s why I left them,” Ryan commented.

This revelation sparked reactions from netizens, with some advising him to move on and leave DJ Cuppy alone. Others defended Cuppy, stating that she may have been the one to end the relationship. The comments section reflected a mix of opinions, with some expressing support for Cuppy.

Ryan Taylor and DJ Cuppy’s engagement ended after nearly eight months, with rumours circulating as Cuppy was seen without her engagement ring, and the couple unfollowed each other on social media.

Despite the breakup, Cuppy has been open about her post-breakup glow and has shared messages of self-love and growth on her social media platforms. The dynamics of celebrity relationships continue to capture the interest of fans and followers, with both parties sharing insights into their personal lives on social media.

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