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Communication in relationships

by Monsurat Momoh

The biggest mistake is thinking that communication in relationships is basic communication. Yes, I know a lot of people refer to relationships as “intimate” but don’t we have different types of relationships?

Communication may have different meanings to all of us. My favourite way of describing it is “correctly passing information to other people”. Do you experience anything when you successfully pass information and the person gets it? I do.

My favourite thing about communication in relationships is it works for every type of relationship. Friendships, work relationships, romantic relationships, family relationships; the list is endless.

There are various reasons why people refuse to communicate very much with others.

A great reason would be that even after communicating greatly, stuff did not work out. But then, are all things supposed to work out all the time?

There’s this ease that comes with communication with or without lies. Well, as long as you can keep up with the lies. Me though, I fail miserably when lying because I always forget the lies. Imagine how ridiculous that is.

What’s more important to me is how refreshing I feel knowing I can always just speak up. And if the other person doesn’t get it? I explain again. It just makes everything real and true.

I believe great communication helps with your social skills and more importantly, your confidence. Since two or more people are always involved, of course, you have to speak out. People can’t read minds.

It’s not new news that romantic relationships get called off because partners don’t understand themselves. Other than the emotional damage that could cause, it plays off our ability to trust people.

Personally, when partners say “I just didn’t get them”, I say it’s not enough reason to end it. The people involved just refused to communicate. You’d be shocked about the very funny reasons why people end relationships.

I was once in a relationship with someone and never understood him. In this case, I was in fact giving my all in communication but, he wasn’t. So, that just ended.

Effective communication should not be forced. People shouldn’t have to force their partners to speak in situations. It’s supposed to come naturally. That’s why you’re in a relationship in the first place.

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