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Compliments: when did you last receive one?

by Monsurat Momoh
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As a child growing up, i barely ever got any compliments. Obviously, as i never received one, i never learnt to give one. And, when i saw very pretty people, i never knew what to say or how to express how i felt. I never thought it was a bad thing, i still don’t.

As a teenager, i watched people get some and that gave me a taste of how to give one. But i still never gave a compliment to anyone majorly because i never received one. Eventually, to get over the nagging questions in my head, every day, i made sure to give myself a compliment. Depending on my mood, it could be more than one.

As an adult, i received my first compliment at the age of 19. Hearing “you’re very beautiful” from someone other than me was very foreign. So foreign and different that i didn’t believe it. I’m sorry, today, i have bored you with my silly stories.

“What’s the importance of compliments, anyway?” You may ask. Practice shows that giving compliments is the easiest way to show kindness to people. No, you don’t have to lie, lol. Just take a look, see something that sparks your interest and say it. And if you see nothing? Then forget about it.

Other than the social relationships which people benefit from complimenting people, it has a way of making you happy. You actually can never give a compliment without smiling, have you ever noticed that? There also is this streak of positivity you’d feel when you see another person’s smile. A smile just from a few words that came from you. How intriguing.

The other party would definitely get to taste that happiness radiating off you. You know, not all heroes wear capes. People experience various things each day, not necessarily sad. But imagine a person who’s had a hard day hear a compliment. Even if it’s just for a split second, that’s something.

And if you’re like teenage me who would have just said “for what? I didn’t receive one today”. Don’t wait for anyone, give yourself a compliment today. I’ll go first. “I think I’ve done a great job today. Great work, Precious”. You try.

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