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Tricks for Living in Hectic Cities.

by Frederick Akinola
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Millions of people, especially in hectic cities, find that life has become a dizzying, exhausting rush. Modern life is full of tensions— deadlines to be met, children to be taken to and picked up from school on time—the list is endless. It is hardly surprising that tiredness has been described as the bane of our times.  In years gone by, life was simpler, and the pace of life was slower. People tended to live more in harmony with the cycles of nature—daytime was for work, and nighttime was for one’s family and for bed. Today, there are a number of reasons why people in hectic cities feel increasingly tired and fatigued. How can you cope?

Manage Time and Set Priorities.

In some respects, managing time is like balancing a financial budget. If you try to squeeze too many things into the limited hours you have available, you are not living within your means time-wise. Such a lifestyle inevitably leads to frustration, stress, and weariness. So learn to set priorities. First, determine what the more important things are, and assign sufficient time to these. In setting priorities, take into account your need for a little solitude—time for constructive meditation and for recharging your own batteries. Alone time is fuel for life. People who are too busy to meditate can become superficial in their attitude toward life.


Modesty is important because it helps you to avoid taking on unrealistic workloads and responsibilities. If you are modest, you will know when to say no to overtime work or other activities that would encroach on something more important. Modest people are not envious of what others have and do; hence, they tend to be more content. Genuine modesty, in turn, is a facet of spirituality, another vital key to gaining more control over our lives.

The Cost of Trying to Do Too Much.

When you work too much, you’ll end up having burnout. You’ll have fatigue, and accumulate sleep debt, and this unfortunately contributes to many accidents. The stressed, sleep-deprived lifestyle also takes a toll on human relationships, leading to divorce and neglect of our children.

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