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Creative ways to eat your veggies

by Monsurat Momoh
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“I hear that there are actually people who love to eat vegetables for reasons other than the health benefits. I do not know how they do it because it can’t be me. Never”. It can be you. In fact, it will shock you how it can actually be you.

Other than the fact that some veggies taste bland and you can’t add pepper to all of them, veggies can be eaten in various ways. When people hear about having to eat veggies to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they immediately think they have to start eating just veggies.

Why will you be eating only carrots? Are you bunny? The tip when it comes to eating veggies is eating them alongside your normal food. I learnt that eating veggies with rice or spaghetti is very filling. This means that, a small portion of rice and an adequate portion of veggies will be more filling than eating just rice. And you guessed right, its healthier. Here are ways to eat your veggies without feeling the urge to puke

  • Make a smoothie with your favorite fruits

Whatever your favorite fruits may be, they can go well together. (And no, I don’t mean cucumbers).

  • Snack on veggies

Are you the type that wakes up in the middle of the night to look for “swallow” to eat? Resist the temptation and make something healthy like potatoes and eggs. Those work well.

  • Add greens to your eggs

Eggs don’t change texture or taste no matter what you add to them. Make some experiments and find out which green best fits your taste buds.

  • Oats!

I know, I know. You’ve been told that they taste terrible or wait, they have no taste. I thought that too when I first started with oats. But as I suffered, I found out what was best for my taste buds. You can do that too. And if you’re like me who likes “swallow”, try oats powder. They’re a great substitute.

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