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Being compassionate

by Monsurat Momoh
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A compassionate person is a considerate person. Being considerate is taking into account how the people surrounding you feel. Watching a person’s reaction to know how they feel. Trying to cheer someone up during their down times. These are all great examples of a compassionate person.

Can you be too compassionate though? Can being a compassionate or thoughtful person lead people into thinking you can be used? Yes. Because the earth is filled with different types  of people with different mindsets, some will eventually feel the need to want to be “smart”. Because people must show themselves.

The environment and country we are in makes it look like being a compassionate, soft person is stupid and as such, they can be easily manipulated. Yes, I will shade Nigerians today. But the truth is, a compassionate person is the best spice to this our very vague life. And don’t let Nigerians deceive you, there is nothing wrong with being compassionate.

Signs that you are a compassionate person.

  • You are always open

This is an easy way to find out if you. You never keep things bottled up. Life itself is difficult and you understand the importance of sharing and communication. People tend to be ashamed to say how they feel but compassionate people are not.

  • You understand that perfection isn’t real

Because you realise that you have flaws, which make it easy to help people feel better, people can find it easy to confide in you.

  • You are very empathetic

Empathy is one of the most compassionate quality you can ever have. You are able to imagine yourself in a position someone else is in and communicate better with people around you.

  • Honesty

Just like being open-minded, honesty is a key skill to be compassionate or considerate with the people around you. When you are honest to yourself, it will not be hard to be when it involves other people.

Now, finding out if you are being compassionate or you’re lying to yourself is completely up to you

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