Cubana Chief Priest Draws Parallels Between Very Darkman’s Release and Easter Resurrection

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent development following the release of Very Darkman from prison, Cubana Chief Priest has sparked controversy by drawing parallels between Very Darkman’s release and the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Day.

The social media influencer took to his platform to share his thoughts, likening Very Darkman’s emergence from prison to the biblical narrative of Christ’s resurrection.

Cubana Chief Priest’s comparison stemmed from the timing of Very Darkman’s release, coinciding with Easter Sunday. In a post shared on social media, he remarked,

Ratel, nothing to lose, just like Christ, he came out on Easter Sunday. Let’s go at Vert Darkman,” drawing attention to the symbolic significance of the occasion.

The comparison sparked mixed reactions among netizens, with some applauding Cubana Chief Priest’s creativity while others questioned the appropriateness of likening Very Darkman’s situation to a religious event. Many noted the stark contrast between Very Darkman’s unkempt appearance in the released photo and the revered image of Jesus Christ, further fueling debate and discussion online.

Interestingly, Cubana Chief Priest’s post followed shortly after a subtle shade thrown by musician Samklef directed at Very Darkman. Samklef emphasized the importance of Very Darkman adhering to legal protocols, urging him to report to police stations consistently while extending a welcome back message.

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