Social Activist Sowore Announces Release of Controversial Commentator Very Dark Man from Prison

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent statement issued by renowned social activist Sowore, it has been confirmed that the controversial social commentator known as Very Dark Man has been released from prison after a brief period of incarceration.

The news of his release comes amidst a flurry of speculation and controversy surrounding the circumstances of his arrest and subsequent detention.

Very Dark Man’s arrest sparked widespread social unrest, with divergent opinions emerging regarding his detention. While some celebrated his arrest, others vocally advocated for his release, fueling rumours and conspiracy theories about the reasons behind his prolonged stay in prison.

Among the most prominent theories circulating online is the suggestion that Very Dark Man’s outspoken criticism of high-ranking police officials, including allegations of homosexuality, may have contributed to his arrest. These allegations originated from a series of remarks made by Very Dark Man, who claimed that top police officers were involved in homosexual activities, a claim that stemmed from previous accusations made by Bobrisky regarding lawmakers’ relationships with the controversial figure.

The situation escalated further due to a public feud between Very Dark Man and Bobrisky, resulting in Very Dark Man issuing an apology, which was rejected by Bobrisky. Following this exchange, Very Dark Man’s arrest ensued, initially leading to speculation that Bobrisky was involved, though it was later revealed that Tonto Dikeh played a role in his apprehension.

Notably, Very Dark Man has amassed a significant number of adversaries throughout his career as a social commentator, with Blessing CEO and Bobrisky being among the most vocal critics. Both individuals openly celebrated his arrest, with Bobrisky even making disparaging remarks and mocking Very Dark Man’s situation.

Despite facing backlash from the public for her involvement in Very Dark Man’s arrest, Tonto Dikeh remained silent and unperturbed by the criticism directed at her by his supporters. Her silence throughout the ordeal has further fueled speculation about her role in the controversy.

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