Daddy Freeze Clashes with Reality TV Star Rachel Over DNA Testing in Relationships

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent exchange of views, controversial media personality Daddy Freeze has entered into a debate with reality TV star Rachel regarding the issue of DNA testing in relationships.

Rachel, taking to the X-Platform earlier today, vehemently expressed her stance that any man who requests a DNA test from his partner should be deemed as committing a criminal offense. She argued that such a request indicates a lack of trust in the woman.

However, Daddy Freeze responded to Rachel’s assertion by emphasizing the importance of DNA testing. Citing statistics that suggest a significant percentage of firstborns may not be fathered by the presumed biological fathers.

This exchange comes on the heels of a recent online spat between Daddy Freeze and Rachel. Previously, Rachel had sparked controversy by suggesting that men earning less than 800,000 Naira shouldn’t pursue relationships, and those earning that amount should refrain from asking women out, citing insufficient funds for extravagant expenses like high-quality hair.

Daddy Freeze had criticized Rachel’s statements, asserting that such judgments should only come from individuals possessing exceptional physical attractiveness, implying that Rachel did not meet this criteria. In response, Rachel retaliated on the X-Platform, accusing Daddy Freeze of financial instability and soliciting funds from TikTok.

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