Bella Okagbue Speaks Out Amid Breakup Rumours with Long-Term Boyfriend Sheggz

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent turn of events, reality TV star Bella Okagbue has finally addressed the swirling rumors surrounding her relationship status with long-time boyfriend Sheggz.

Speculation had been rife after Okagbue deleted all traces of Sheggz from her Instagram account, sparking rumours of a breakup. Despite the growing speculation, both parties had remained tight-lipped, fueling further conjecture.

Breaking her silence, Okagbue made an appearance on the X-Platform earlier today, where she took the opportunity to assert the positivity in her life. In a cryptic statement, she declared, “only good things happened to me,” leaving fans intrigued about her stance on recent events.

However, despite Okagbue’s assertion of positivity, eager fans seized the chance to inquire about the status of her relationship with Sheggz and the veracity of the breakup rumors. Okagbue, however, chose not to address these inquiries, leaving fans guessing about the truth behind the speculation.

The relationship between Bella Okagbue and Sheggz had garnered attention since their time together in the Big Brother Naija house, where they formed a close bond. Their discussions about their relationship and plans to cohabit post-Big Brother Naija further captivated audiences.

Since leaving the Big Brother house, the pair had maintained a strong bond, frequently travelling together and spending extensive periods in each other’s company. Recently, they returned from a prolonged trip to the UK, reaffirming their close connection.

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