Danny Young Dishes on Afrobeat Legends’ Grievances and Nigeria’s Musical Diversity

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent interview, renowned artist Danny Young delved into the intricacies of afrobeat music and shed light on the grievances of old afrobeat artists towards their younger counterparts.

Young revealed that many veteran afrobeat artists feel marginalized and overlooked in Nigeria’s music industry. He attributed this sentiment to the lack of acknowledgment and recognition given to older artists, contrasting the situation with Western countries where veteran musicians continue to receive airplay and recognition on musical platforms.

According to Young, this neglect fosters resentment among older artists, leading them to criticize and call out younger musicians more readily.

Shifting the discussion to the broader landscape of Nigerian music, Young emphasized that Nigeria boasts a diverse musical scene beyond just afrobeats. He referenced the existence of genres like Fuji, which often go unnoticed amidst the dominance of afrobeats in the spotlight.

He further stressed the importance of promoting diverse musical genres to showcase Nigeria’s rich musical heritage fully.

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