Daniel Regha Criticizes Wizkid’s Clapback Involving Netizen’s Father, Highlights Double Standards

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Social media critic Daniel Regha recently directed his scrutiny towards Wizkid’s recent activity on the X app, joining the chorus of voices reacting to the superstar’s engagement with a netizen who disagreed with him.

In a tweet expressing his discontent, Regha criticized Wizkid for involving the netizen’s father in his response, labeling it as disrespectful and highlighting what he perceives as hypocrisy among fans.

Regha’s tweet read,

Wizkid involving someone’s dad in his clap-back or response is disrespectful; Fans are cheering now but Burna had said the same “That one na ur papa business” he will be labelled rude. The hypocrisy is sickening.”

In this statement, Regha drew parallels between Wizkid’s response and a similar remark made by Burna Boy, suggesting that while Wizkid is celebrated for his retort, Burna Boy faced criticism for a similar comment. He pointed out what he sees as a double standard in the way fans react to different celebrities’ behavior.

This critique from Regha likely stems from earlier reactions to Wizkid’s exchange with the netizen, where many fans expressed support for Wizkid’s response. Regha’s observation of this disparity in reactions prompted him to speak out against what he perceives as unfair treatment.

It’s worth noting that Daniel Regha is no stranger to calling out Nigerian celebrities. In the past, he directed his criticism towards Davido, particularly regarding the fulfillment of charitable promises. Regha held Davido accountable for a one-year delay in fulfilling his promise to feed orphans across Nigeria, leading to a public feud between them.

Ultimately, Davido did fulfill his promise, and Regha’s focus shifted away from him. However, as the cycle of celebrity scrutiny continues, it remains to be seen how long it will take before Regha’s attention returns to Davido or shifts to another target within the Nigerian celebrity sphere.

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