Drama Unfolds on Nollywood Set as Actress Jayeola Monje Confronts Co-Star Jigan Babaoja

by Adeola Adeyeye
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A recent incident on a Nollywood movie set has sent shockwaves across the internet as actress Jayeola Monje confronted her colleague, Jigan Babaoja, after he made an inappropriate gesture during a dance rehearsal.

In a video circulating online, Jigan was captured grabbing Jayeola Monje’s backside during the rehearsal, prompting a heated exchange between the two actors. The confrontation escalated quickly, resulting in physical altercations as they exchanged blows while colleagues attempted to intervene.

While some observers criticized Jigan’s behavior as inappropriate, others questioned the authenticity of the altercation, suggesting it might be a publicity stunt.

Social media users shared their reactions to the incident, expressing skepticism about its genuineness.

This incident isn’t the first public clash between Jayeola Monje and Jigan Babaoja. Last year, Jayeola publicly called out Jigan after a heated argument at an event, urging their colleagues to intervene. Additionally, Jigan has faced embarrassment at other events, including being confronted by Kamo State at a naming ceremony and creating controversy on social media over a kissing scene with actress Damilola Oni.

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