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Do opportunities really come once?

by Monsurat Momoh
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Many individuals have been hunted by this phrase “opportunities come but once, seize it”. Parents
make sure to say it all the time, when you see an opportunity, grab it. If you miss that opportunity, you’re never going to get another one like that.

I used to think that was true so I’d beat myself up about missing some chances. I’d have thoughts like “you could have spoken up. You should have kept quiet. You’re never going to see another one like that one. You really fucked up”. And so many “what ifs”.

I think it’s alright to follow that one phrase strictly because it makes a person very focused in life. But limiting yourself to that saying can be very negative too. How about “opportunities come multiple times, seize them if you can?”.

Isn’t it slightly “pressure less”? What I understand from this phrase is “okay, you lost that opportunity, you can never get any other one”. I refuse to believe that though.

Shouldn’t we be able to create our opportunities then ? Just once makes it sound stuck up and boring. Doesn’t it? It makes life less appealing with nothing to look forward to.

But knowing that if you lose an opportunity, another could come gives a lot more sauce to life. This doesn’t mean we should purposely let opportunities go because of doubt or anything related to that. Instead, we should understand that in life, there is always something to hold on to.

Another way to go about it is by not thinking of it as a one-time thing. Instead, when we see or find ourselves in a situation with opportunities, we should take them. Not always as a must-have but as just a chance, a chance we can take or choose to ignore. In reality, nothing says you’d succeed with the opportunity you’re so worried about.

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