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Do you talk about your greatest fear?

by Monsurat Momoh
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To have a fear or “fears” doesn’t make us weak individuals. In fact, in my opinion, acknowledging what scares us makes us very strong people because fear is a huge deal. Terror can make a person do anything or not even do anything at all. Fear is relative as no one’s fear is greater than another. Uncountable fears exist, so much that they have terminologies.

Personally, i fear a lot of things and sometimes, i wonder if that’s not bad. I do like to think that i can manage them but i know i can only wrap my head around a few of them. The scariest one i can think of, right now is my fear of snakes. I can never understand why there are so many types. The ones that break their jaws to swallow something huge (they could even die from doing that). There are some that crush people to death, the ones that just exist without being poisonous.

I find snakes scary and unnecessary but i know some people think I’m being ridiculous. That’s the thing with speaking about what scares you the most. Depending on who you share your fear with, you could be ridiculed or understood. Basically, anyone you can think of has a fear and if that doesn’t tell you speak more about it, i don’t know what can.

Death is also something that scares me. Acknowledging that it exists does not necessarily mean i can’t be afraid of it, still. I once had a conversation with someone who reprimanded me for being scared of death. I was only 18 but i still remember the thoughts i had that day. I had so many questions.

Questions that i have no answers to; questions i shouldn’t even be bothered about because the reality still is “Death will come for everyone”. I have just written about what i fear the most and i feel less burdened than i felt a few minutes ago. I don’t have it all figured out, but it’ll be fine. That’s one advantage of talking about your fear. You don’t have to get the answers you so much seek, instead you just get to be fine with it. Because fears will always exist and you should talk about them.

I just remembered, I’m scared of driving on Lagos roads because i now understand that a lot of the drivers on the road are mad.

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