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Finding balance

by Monsurat Momoh
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Is it surprising that people exist but they do not know what to do, career wise? For some people, it is completely absurd. “How can you not know what you want?” I’ve even had someone compare me to their children saying, “She already has an ambition but you don’t?  You are twice her age!” Rather than taking it as an insult, I just pondered hard for a while. But the truth is, I actually still don’t know. Is that not wrong?

Well, yes. It can be. But there are so many people who are just existing and doing what they don’t even like. Does that mean they are all wrong? Then, what then is right? There are cases where individuals excelling in one field or domain of their career stop and re-start in a completely new domain. They still excel. Sometimes, they don’t. They just try again. In another domain.

Some return, saying the first one was the best. Some never leave because they never figure it out. Are they trying? Of course. You see, for some people, finding balance is a very easy thing. They never have to go through the ordeal of asking themselves all the time “what am I going to do?”

For others, it doesn’t come easy, but they do figure it out. At least they think they do. Isn’t life just peachy though? Who ever finds enough balance to figure life out? I do not think anyone can. All we can do is do what we think is right and hope with everything we have that we are right.

If you are someone out there, stuck and broken because you cannot figure it all out. I just wanted to let you know we are actually in this together. And let me shock you, we are plenty. So, stop feeling so alone and just do what you can. And when you can no longer can? Rest for as long as you want. Then continue pushing.  If it doesn’t work out? Start afresh.

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