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Five Interpersonal skills needed for self-improvement

by Monsurat Momoh
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We should not overlook the weight interpersonal skills has on self-improvement, which further facilitates communication and relationships. There are numerous types of skills that can be implemented in the cause of self-improvement but since interpersonal skills cultivate positivity while we reflect on ourselves; how we see ourselves, think about ourselves or the level of esteem we have, it is a key to self-improvement.  Here are a few crucial skills needed to improve the individual and facilitate communication.

  1. Empathy

To be empathetic is to understand that people’s emotions matter. This is not very far from being sympathetic as it draws from emotions as well. To be sympathetic is to be pitiful while being empathetic is to be compassionate and understanding. Understanding one’s pain regardless of if it affects you or not is feeling empathy. Basically, to be human is to be empathetic.


  1. Non-verbal communication

We hear stories of how a lot of people have been saved just by messages passed to facial or body communication and it takes practice to successfully master this skill. Many people believe that this only entails people with disabilities such as deafness but it is not entirely true. Learning to read others reactions to what you say or do is very important.


  1. Resilience

Resilience is a skill that is built over time as building resilience takes time, strength and a considerable amount of effort from the people around you. It is the ability to bounce back after trials and not be beaten up by your wrongs.

  1. Self-discipline

This refers to how much your words weigh to you and how much of an effect they hold on you. Any person can say “I’m self-disciplined” but do we know about the difference between self-discipline and being strict? It is very easy to switch up both concepts but I like to think that self-discipline is an healthier version of the latter. This does not; in any way mean, that I think strictness is unhealthy.

  1. Time management

This is a very broad term as it involves time, much more than we think. The ability to stick to time, work with time, meet a deadline and be punctual all revolve around time. With this skill at hand, it gets even better when self-improving.

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